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Novopower Range
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 Directly Compressible Excipients for Normal Formulation

 is a tailor made, pre-granulated excipient for specific API as per the need of customer.

NOVOPOWER DC is manufactured by controlled process of granulation to get uniform, homogeneous mixture of ingredients having good flow properties, high compressibility and required disintegration pattern.

It is a combination of excipients as below:
» Diluents/Bulking agents like Lactose, MCC, Starch etc.
» Binders like Starch, Pregel, Povidone etc.
» Disintegrants like Sodium Starch Glycolate,
   Sodium Croscarmellose etc.
» Lubricants & Anti-adherents like Magnesium Stearate, Talc,
   fumed silicon dioxide etc.


NOVOPOWER DC is used for numerous solid dosage formulations. Some of the leading tablets are listed below:

  Hormones   Sildenafil Citrate   Spirulina Extract
  Steroids   Tramodol Hcl   Amino acids & Anti- Osteoarthritis like Glucosamine
  Sedatives , anti-depressant & stimulants   Diclofenac Na Delayed released   Antioxidants
  Anti-emetic   Aspirin   Additional nutrients like vitamin D
  Anti-histamine/anti-allergic   Iron supplementary   Cardio Dietary supplements
  Cardio vascular   Amoxacillin plain & other combinations   Dietary supplements Vitamins & Minerals
  Anti Tussive   Herbal
  Anti materials
  Metronidazole/ Tinidazole
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